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Bubble Tea Yaletown

Our Story

Cha Yuan, a locally operated bubble tea store in Yaletown, Vancouver, was established in 2019.

茶 (Chá | Tea)
園 (Yuán | Garden)

The birth of Cha Yuan started due to the desire of wanting to provide the community with a healthier bubble tea alternative. Steering away from the traditionally used flavoured milk powders and fruit syrups, we use natural ingredients in our drinks.

As our name simply translates into "Tea Garden", it is important for us that the natural tea flavour to be the focus of our drinks. Hence, we source all our premium teas from Taiwan and freshly brew our tea-based beverages to order with a Teapresso Machine.

Not only is health an important factor for us, but we also value sustainability for our local communities. As a start, we have implemented plant based straws, which are eco-friendly to our environment. We hope to keep our values going strong and to lead for a better tomorrow.

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