Assorted Bubble Tea Kit

Assorted Bubble Tea Kit

The Assorted Bubble Tea Kit provides you the essentials for making bubble tea at the comfort of your own home with finely grounded premium tea leaves sourced from Taiwan. Instructions will be provided in the package and include options for using dairy and non dairy alternatives.

This kit will make approximately 10 servings.

Whats included:
- Instruction
- Tapioca Pearls (430g)
- Milk Tea Powder or 1 Oatly Oat Milk 946ml (+$8)
- 2 x Earl Grey
- 2 x Hojicha
- 2 x Rose Tie Guan Yin
- 2 x Four Season Oolong
- 2 x Alishan Oolong
- 10 Plant Based Bubble tea straws (optional)

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